People’s views on myth

Ancient ideas on myth:

  • Anonymous: censorship
  • Plato: Myth constructs culture
  • Xenophanes: Culture constructs myth
  • Metrodorus and many others: allegory of physical environment
  • Aristarchus: Myth is only for literary use(anti-allegorical)
  • Euhemerus: Euhemerism(historical heroes symbolism)

Modern ideas (after Renaissance):

  • Bernard de Fontenelle:
    • Explanation to the physical world phenomena
  • David Hume:
    • Fearful human beings comfort themselves
  • Christian Gottlob Heyne:
    • Contextual resources for studies on ancient Greek and Roman culture/geography/etc.
    • Ancient people’s awe(wonder and fear) at nature
    • Concretization of abstract ideas
    • Creation of the word “myth”
  • Jonhann Gottfried Herder:
    • Innate expression of human beings
  • Walter Burkert (1931-):
    • Definition of myth:
      • Myth is a traditional tale told with secondary partial reference to something of collective importance, … told by someone for some reason